Personal. Creative. Different.



As cliché as it may sound, I genuinely care about each and every couple I have the pleasure to work with. I'm not just there for the ride and will help out whenever I can to ensure that you are happy. I won't disappear post-wedding either. This isn't just business. It's personal. 


Your wedding day is all about the love you share as a couple, but also with your family and your friends. It is the perfect day to celebrate this love and it is through this that the true beauty lies. 


My job as your photographer is to tell the story of your day through your images. While part of this unravelling story, I treat each photograph like its own work of art. Every element is carefully considered with the goal to make each image a true piece of art, that you would hang on your wall for years to come.


It requires great skill to be able to capture the story of a wedding in a photograph, an even greater one to be a part of the day, but not distract from it. This is my approach to weddings. Photojournalism means that I will save each moment that happens naturally, the little smile, the tear on cheek, without being obtrusive and respecting the natural flow of events. 


I am constantly on the look out for that magical moment. The realisation of the day, the first glimpse on the aisle, the old joke that still makes you laugh. In every situation, however they are presented, I will strive to creatively capture these moments. These are your moments, creatively and caringly pieced together to tell your story.


Your wedding day is just the beginning. It is the start of a new chapter in a story that lasts a lifetime and it is the most humbling and rewarding experience to be a part of it. Allowing me to capture the story as you create it is an honour. My goal is not just to take stunning images throughout the day, but to record your first chapter that will bring you happiness every time you look at it for your entire lives.