Personal. Creative. Different.



Your wedding day is all about you, your family and your friends. It’s an incredibly personal day that shouldn’t be about anything but you. I refer to myself as a personal photographer as I capture your personal moments, without interruption, without distraction. I work around what’s going on, being a person who is there to help and document - not a hidden face behind a camera. I’ll always be professional, but this isn’t just business. It’s personal. 


Every wedding is unique. Your wedding is unique. All of the effort and detail you have put into creating a wonderful experience deserves to be captured in a way that makes you say WOW all over again. I am constantly looking for little (and big) moments that tell your story. From first glimpses, to tears of laughter, these are your moments, pieced together to tell your story creatively.


I pride myself on being different. I don’t treat you as a customer, I don’t treat weddings like jobs. Throughout working with me, I do everything possible to enhance your experience, not take away from it. This is why I encourage face to face meetings, why I include pre-wedding shoots and why I don’t set a time limit on your photography. You deserve more and as every couple, every wedding is different. So am I.