Kind Words - Daniel Barnby Photography


“Daniel's photos are absolutely stunning, by far the best wedding photos I have ever seen”

- Anita (Daniel's Mum)

"OH MY GOODNESS! Dan, you have had us laughing, crying and making some strange awwwwww noises throughout - you really have a gift and we are incredibly lucky to know you and have had you there to keep an eye on our day. Thank you doesn’t seem enough x x x x x"

- Paula

"Hey Dan, the pictures you posted so far are stunning, can’t wait to see more!"

- Aaron

"Hey Dan, thank you so much for the photos, they are amazing! We really do love them! xxx"

- Katie

"Hi Daniel, we love the pictures. Thank you so much. It’s made us even more excited about the photos on the wedding day. Yippee! x"

- Gail

"Dear Daniel, Thank you so much for the photos, they are fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work."

- Shona

"Ohhhh my god, you two!! :) :) I’ve actually just burst into tears like a baby upon seeing these photos! Wow, imagine what your wedding photos are going to look like!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxx"

- Afy (Bridesmaid)

"Sport is notoriously difficult to capture, especially mid-movement. I think that there is such a variety of shots that let us see some great technique. What won it for us was the actual composition of some of the photos, the subject was always meticulously centre of the whole scenario without actually being in the middle of the photo. The photos were vibrant, well thought out and interesting. It’s a great set of photos!"

- Darcy Anderson and George Smith (VP Activities CCCU/FRTV Graduate and Graphic Designer/Photographer)

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