Getting Ready - Daniel Barnby Photography


From the bespoke bridal headpiece to the hidden "I love you" note written to your partner, every detail has been thought of for your day. These are the details that bind the pages of your story together. I know the enormous effort you have put in to the tiny details, and I will do the same to document them.


The butterflies start to kick in, you have spent weeks, months maybe even years planning for this one incredible day to unfold. You have hardly slept the night before because you were that excited. Everything is set and ready to go. Your family and a few friends are there, girls are doing hair, guys are working out how to tie a tie. I am there to capture every detail, every attempt to put a cufflink on. These are the moments that most of your guests won't see, but I will be there to preserve the memories forever, like when your niece puts her own makeup on, when your grand-dad tells that same joke again but all the groomsmen burst into tears with laughter. These are the moments that make your day and tell the story of your lives. 

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