Your wedding is only one day* of celebration within the story of your lives together, but even so, your story should be captured throughout your wedding to reflect who you are and the happiness that you share. This is why, from start to finish, I don’t set time limits, I don’t impose restrictions. I work around you, to capture your story as it unfolds, with your friends and family, celebrating together.

*I know it’s many months of planning, angst and organising!



The engagement shoot, or pre-wedding shoot, is a fantastic way for us to get to know each other better before your wedding day. It’s a no pressure situation, where we can have a chat, take some photos and grab a drink afterwards. It’s an experience that allows me to get to know you as a couple better and you get to experience working with a professional photographer, getting a feel for how I work. This will mean that throughout your day, rather than being “the photographer” forcing you to do things you don’t want to do, I am more of a friend spending the day with you, blending into the background, capturing each moment as it happens.

While a pre-wedding shoot is included in every wedding I shoot, for those of you who are planning on proposing and want that special moment captured without giving the game away, get in touch and we can chat about the details!



Every wedding is unique. Your wedding is unique. This is why I never approach a wedding the same as the last. I want to be as open-minded as possible and allow my instincts to work in each moment as they happen in order to produce each creative image that will tell the story of your day.

Getting Ready 

Kerry & Gareth's Wedding-4.JPG

The butterflies start to kick in, you have spent weeks, months maybe even years planning for this one incredible day to unfold. You have hardly slept the night before because you were that excited. Everything is set and ready to go. Your family and a few friends are there, girls are doing hair, guys are working out how to tie a tie. I am there to capture every detail, every attempt to put a cufflink on. These are the moments that most of your guests won't see, but I will be there to preserve the memories forever, like when your niece puts her own makeup on, when your grand-dad tells that same joke again but all the groomsmen burst into tears with laughter. These are the moments that make your day and tell the story of your lives. 

The Details

From the bespoke bridal headpiece to the hidden "I love you" note written to your partner, every detail has been thought of for your day. These are the details that bind the pages of your story together.

 Your Ceremony

Lucy and Gregs Wedding-31.JPG

This is the easy part, just remember to say "I do". You're all ready, your friends and family are watching on. Daunting! Tears of joy and laughter when your personal vows include "to wash the dishes". I am there, working with whomever may be running the ceremony, not intruding, but ever present. My attention will be on both of you, as will everyone else's, but I will also be watching for the moments in the crowd, the moments that really show how much you mean to them.  

Natural Stories

No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, it can be the un-scripted moments that are the most memorable. I endeavour to capture each unique moment as it naturally unfolds. No staged poses, No fake smiles, just the honest, genuine moments that really matter. 

Friends & family 

Kerry & Gareth's Wedding-299.JPG

Your ceremony has just finished, now you want to spend some time with your friends and family who are there with you on your day! Enjoy the time with them, have a few drinks and be merry. I don't ever want to take you away from your guests, especially for long periods of time. This is when I am moving around, mingling with your guests, truly being a photojournalist on your day. I won't interrupt conversations and I won't force people into awkward poses. Want some group shots? This can be when they happen. But not for the next 2 hours. I work quickly and efficiently so that we get the photos you want but in a short amount of time so that you can really enjoy your day.


I know the value of time. Throughout your day, the time with your family and friends is key, hence why everything I do is efficiently managed so as not to distract from your special day. Time is precious.

 Just Us

Grace & Craig Wedding 0828.JPG

Your wedding day is a non-stop, action-packed day of joy and celebration. You will go through a huge range of emotions from the butterflies in the morning, to the elation after the ceremony and saying "I do". This is why I think it is great to get some time alone, just the two of you, after having had some time to have a few drinks and chat with your guests. Once you have both had the time to soak in the day, we will grab some photos of the two of you, in the surroundings that you chose to host your wedding. This won't take too long and you'll be back enjoying the company of your friends and family in no time, getting ready to party the night away. 

Naturally Creative

I view the world with a creative eye. Finding subtle angles and recognising contrast between light and dark. This allows me to create timeless images of your memories.



The last part of your amazing day, you have said "I do", you've laughed and cried with family and friends, you have eaten and given speeches embarrassing as many people as possible. Now it's time to let loose. You have your first dance, the room watches on, parents clap, grandparents are in tears. I'll be there capturing every moment. Then the dance floor gets crowded, everyone is on their feet dancing away, your DJ/Band have the whole room boogying. I'll still be there. I don't up and leave just as the party is starting, I am there to capture it all, to immortalise the amazing dance moves of your friends and family, to round up your day in the way it truly deserves: the party that celebrates the first day of your marriage. The new chapter in the book of your lives.